CBD Oil For Anxiety & Depression | 6 Month Review

CBD Oil For Anxiety & Depression | 6 Month Review

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Opening Up About My Depression & Anxiety: https://youtu.be/dzvSeI-uN1g

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Are High Heels Bad for You?

Are high heels bad for you? The side effects of wearing high heels, apart from being fun, can also seriously affect your health. Vanity, fashion, fetish, and preference to wear them is associated with them. Knowing the risks and wearing high heels with awareness, minimizes the harm they can cause.

Give Knees a Chance: Look After Your Legs Before It’s Too Late

Whether you’re a seven-days-a-week gym bunny or a homebody armchair quarterback, it’s essential you look after your knees. Because as the old saying goes, you’ll miss them when they’re gone.

Do You Have a Daily Battle With Pain?

We all have some experience of physical pain, but having to live with a continual daily battle with pain management is beyond many people’s comprehension. I wrote this article after delivering a talk to a chronic pain group. The organisers of the group have read and are more than satisfied with this article, believing it to be ‘extremely helpful’.

The Usefulness of Creams for Muscle Pain Relief

Many chronic pain sufferers have wrongfully come to the conclusion that muscle pain relief is non-existent except using invasive surgery. The reality, however, is quite different. There are many ways a person can treat muscle pain and live a normal life without going “under the knife.”

Chronic Pain Management Without Medication

Given the recent opioid epidemic in the US, many people are searching for alternative, natural methods to manage and control chronic pain, without the use of medication or risk of addiction, using the power of the mind. Here is a simple guide to do just that.

Knee Anatomy and Reasons for Knee Replacement

Where the thigh meets the lower leg, there is a hinge joint called the knee. When the knee is diseased such that it cannot function as normal, knee replacement surgery is done.

Chronic Pain – There Is a Light at the End of the Tunnel

Let’s talk about PAIN and how it is perceived by an individual and a group in our society. Most of us are living with a very deep misconception about pain.

How To Manage Neuropathy

Have you ever felt numbness and pain in your feet? A burning sensation on your feet? Then it’s a time to consult a doctor. This usually happens in neuropathy. Now the question arises what is neuropathy?

Three Minutes a Day to a Better Life

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a practice of exposing your body to sub zero temperatures ( -120 C) to improve overall well being, help with faster recovery from injuries and after intense workouts. Cryotherapy is a safe and natural way to heal your body and strengthen your immune system where the body’s ability to fight against musculoskeletal pain and infectious diseases increases.

Healing Knee Injuries: A Few Helpful Exercises

The knee is one of our most crucial body parts. It plays an important part in our overall body fitness. That is the reason Knee injuries are usually of grave concern as knee injuries have the potential to significantly impair an individual’s mobility or put in plain words- ability to walk or run.

Best Hip Stretches

For those who have muscles that satisfy the standard ranges, then stretching needs only to act as a warm-up”, or with the intention of maintenance. As a result, if you’re suffering from lower back pain, focus on your posture and earn exercise part of your routine. Even when you do quite a lot of exercise, that’s not really adequate.

Standing Hip Flexor Stretch That Most People Do Not Know About

It’s a complete body challenge, so please make certain you read the directions properly and develop your upper body strength with wall push-ups first prior to attempting it. Furthermore, it is extremely important you don’t bounce at the base of the movement. At this time, the past couple of inches of each movement will probably be less controlled, but the stretch should not be sudden.

Here’s How Bad Painkillers Are For You

Popping painkillers has more or less come across as a norm, and people just choose to for painkillers, be it for end-of-the-day headache, a body pain post workout, or even minor spinal discomfort. If you do pop in painkillers every now and then, you should be aware that these could have side effects on your health and well being, and may even prove to be addictive.

Five Tips to Follow Before Seeing a Sports Medicine Doctor

An athlete would suffer from injuries and this is natural. However, if your hurts are not healing with time and home-made remedies; it is better to pay a visit to a doctor and take his assistance.

How to Prevent Knee Injuries

Your knees are more delicate than you think. Vulnerable to wear and tear, the knees can be prone to pain and injury if we don’t take measures to protect them before exercising. With that said, here are some useful tips for protecting your knees and preventing knee injuries.

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