CBD Gummy Bears: Busting the Myths!

CBD Gummy Bears: Busting the Myths!

Busting the three most common myths about CBD gummy bears

Who’d’ have thought it, gummy bears and CBD ending up being not only used together in the same sentence, but actually in the same product!

It seems there is little left in the world that we should be surprised about.

But, before we get too cosy with the combination of CBD and gummy bears, which sounds all very innocent and sweet – pun intended – there are three myths surrounding them that we feel ought to be blown apart.

First, all CBD gummy bears DO NOT contain the same amounts of the cannabinoid. Some gummy bears have 5 milligrammes of CBD in them, while others have 15 milligrammes.

Now that’s a huge difference in potential potency.

What is a good idea, apart from reading the ingredients section on the bottle or packet very closely, is to try and ascertain what strain of cannabis plant the CBD came from, and if you can’t do that, at least try and find out how the CBD was extracted from it.

Second, CBD gummies DO NOT offer fast relief, contrary to what many say.

How do we know this?

Well if you have watched our video on cooking with CBD and the mistakes you can make there, you’d understand why.

It takes only a few seconds to feel the effects when smoking cannabis because the cannabinoids in the cannabis enter the bloodstream almost instantly.

However, when swallowed, any form of CBD has to be ingested and then the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream, usually after a delay of approximately two hours.

Now correct us if you think we are wrong, but to us, that isn’t rapid!

Thirdly and finally, NOT ALL CBD gummies are safe to take…

The reason they are not safe isn’t because of the CBD, but more a case of where the CBD comes from.

Now that cannabis can be legally grown and CBD oil can be used in certain products, agriculture has begun to do what it knows best, increase crops through the heavy use of pesticides.

Problem is, those pesticides tend to end up in the CBD oil that is then used to make gummy bears.

Many pesticides are known to be carcinogens, while others can have adverse effects on the body’s organs.

If you want to take a gummy bear that is a bit safer, then take on without any CBD in it, though that isn’t totally safe either, as gummy bears are full of sugar, and as well all know too much sugar is bad for you!

Truth is, virtually everything is bad for you if you take too much of it, so use CBD gummy bears wisely and do your research and homework before you buy any.

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